PPP in container

To start the pppd daemon in a container / VPS you need PPP enabled for the container. Then it is possible, for example, to connect to your DSL provider in a VPS.

ppp modules need to be loaded in the HN :

# lsmod | grep ppp
# modprobe ppp_async
# modprobe ppp_deflate
# lsmod | grep ppp
ppp_deflate 39168 0
zlib_deflate 52760 1 ppp_deflate
ppp_async 45184 0
ppp_generic 63760 2 ppp_deflate,ppp_async
slhc 39680 1 ppp_generic
crc_ccitt 35200 1 ppp_async

set “ppp” feature for stoppped VE:

vzctl set [VEnumber] --features ppp:on --save

start VE :

# vzctl start [VEnumber]

Prepare /dev/ppp within VE:

# vzctl set [VEnumber] --devices c:108:0:rw --save
# vzctl exec [VEnumber] mknod /dev/ppp c 108 0
# vzctl exec [VEnumber] chmod 600 /dev/ppp

See if it works (as root):

VE# /usr/sbin/pppd

You should see gibberish in the standard output like

~ÿ}#À!}!}!} }4}"}&} } } } }%}&‹ÁöY}

If there is an error message instead, something went wrong.


APF installation error on VPS : unable to load iptables module (ip_tables), aborting.

While installing APF on your VPS you get the following error :

# apf -r
apf(28442): {glob} status log not found, created
apf(28463): {glob} flushing & zeroing chain policies
apf(28463): {glob} firewall offline
apf(28500): {glob} activating firewall
apf(28551): {glob} unable to load iptables module (ip_tables), aborting.
apf(28500): {glob} firewall initalized
apf(28500): {glob} !!DEVELOPMENT MODE ENABLED!! – firewall will flush every 5 minutes.

You need to configure the APF for your VPS.

nano -w /etc/apf/conf.apf



Restart APF

apf -r

Now you will be able to complete apf installation fine :)