PhpMyAdmin Stuck at Login screen with no errors !

This is a possible issue when the path to save php_session is not correctly set :

The directory for storing session does not exists or php do not have sufficient rights to write to it.

To define the php_session directory simply add the following line to the php.ini :


And give write rights to the http server.

usually, the http server run as user daemon in group daemon. If it is the case, the following commands will make it :

chown -R :daemon /tmp/php_session

chmod -R g+wr /tmp/php_session

restart http server.

Upgrading phpMyAdmin – cPanel

The phpMyAdmin version is usually automatically upgraded when you run a cPanel update to a newer version. However, if you’re not quite ready to upgrade cPanel, you easily install a newer version of phpMyAdmin. Please be aware that future cPanel updates will overwrite your manual installation.

You will need to go to the phpMyAdmin download page and pick your version. This tutorial is specific to version 2.11, but should work for any:

cd /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty
mv phpMyAdmin hold_phpmyadmin


tar -xvzf phpMyAdmin-
mv phpMyAdmin- phpMyAdmin
cp hold_phpmyadmin/ phpMyAdmin/
chown -R cpanel:cpanel phpMyAdmin

Then load up phpMyAdmin from cPanel or WHM and you should see the new version