HOW-TO: Change Exim IP Address – cPanel

Change the IP exim uses to send mail – bypass sorbs (or other useless blacklists)

On shared hosting server’s you’ll probably find yourself blocked by other mail providers because of high mail volume or one of your users spamming. To change your exim IP for outgoing mail, you can edit your /etc/exim.conf file and locate this section:

driver = smtp

And below this add:

interface –

Replace the x’s with the backup mail IP. Note that the backup mail IP needs to be added to the server, and should have a valid PTR and A-record.

Note:  On newer versions of cPanel where domainkeys are installed, you will need to add another interface line:

driver = smtp
dk_private_key = “/var/cpanel/domain_keys/private/${dk_domain}”
dk_canon = nofws
dk_selector = default
interface =

Now restart exim.

Note: If there is an exim update when you upgrade your cpanel server you will need to re-enter the interface again.

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