Virtuozzo : How do I get amount of network traffic consumed by a Container?

f you have Service Container running on a hardware node then you may use the utility ‘vza_ve_stat’ to obtain amount of network traffic consumed by any container on a node.

vza_ve_stat user@host ctid start_time [end_time]

user – vzagent0
host – IP address of Service Container on a hardware node
ctid – ID of container in question
start_time and end_time define period you want to get traffic for.

Please note that start_time and end_time should be entered in the following format: 2000-01-01T12:00:00+0400

You may need to install the package ‘perl-XML-Parser’ (e.g. using ‘yum install perl-XML-Parser’ command on a server) if you get the error “Can’t locate XML/ in @INC”.

For example, to obtain traffic of the container #101 for the period from 01 Jan 2010 up to the current moment the command would be:
# vza_ve_stat [email protected] 101 2010-01-01T00:00:00+0000
[email protected]'s password:
bytes in = 69447065 packets in = 385929 bytes out = 755800760 packets out = 649168

You may also get information about network traffic using PMC (Parallels Management Console):
1. double click on the needed container
2. in the opened window go to Monitor > Traffic Summary
3. Choose needed period of time and click ‘Download’

The same can be done in PIM (Parallels Infrastructure Manager):
1. Open PIM
2. Go to Infrastructure manager > Virtual Private Servers > choose needed container > Network > Traffic Usage

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