What’s new in Plesk 9?

Whats new in Plesk 9.0?

With it’s new multilevel control, Parallels Plesk 9 makes it easy to automate web hosting solutions for small business and resellers. There are five login levels to the control panel each level having its own permissions and features.

Administrator – This user has the highest level of permissions. Can be used to easily and quickly setupsystem services, and manage server users.
Reseller – This user has all the same functionality of the administrator except the ability to manage system services.
Client – Third tier login which has the permissions to create domains.
Domain Owner – Fourth tier login with permissions for single domain administration.
Mail User – Individual mail account users can manage passwords, spam filters and antivirus settings.

Resellers level. The resellers level is a new addition in Plesk 9, giving resellers the ability to manage and create their own clients and domains. Resellers can also distribute other services such as application hosting and databases on a per client basis.

Plesk Billing 6.0. Formerly Modernbill, Plesk 6.0 billing is a basic feature included in the installation with Plesk 9. Fully integrated with smooth nagivation between Plesk and Plesk Billing makes this software extremely efficient and easy to use.

APS Catalog. The new APS Catalog, provides the ability to download packages directly from Parallels website and make them available to your customers. Files are downloaded in APS format and added to the server application vault.Permissions for these applications can be provided to everyone or to select customers according to hosting plans.

Postfix Support. An alternative solution to qmail for unix based Plesk.

New Backup Tool. The new backup solution offers on-the-fly restoration conflicts which offer a variety of ways to resolve conflicts prior to a backup restoration.

Overselling/Overuse Capabilities.With the administrator and reseller users you may oversell your system resources to allow for flexibility and growth.

Plesk API 1.6. The updated API further improves the ability to integrate your software solutions with Plesk 9. Updates to the API include support for all new features included in Plesk 9.

Alternative Webmail. Plesk 9 offersfree Atmail Webmail Light 1.0, as a new webmail client, as well as commercial Atmail 5.5 support.

MSSQL 2008 Support. Parallels 9.0 for Windows offers Microsoft SQL Server 2008 support.

Merak 9.3.2 support. Parallels Plesk 9.0 for Windows offers Merak 9.3.2 Mail Server support.

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