Incorrect Disk Usage and Unlimited Quotas – cPanel

This is a common bug on cPanel 11 systems, where you do an account listing through Webhost manager or try to set a user’s quota and everyone is showing as using 0mb out of unlimited.  The most common fix for this is to run:


This will re-initialize the quota system and usually fix the error.

On VPS servers running Virtuozzo, a kernel bug in earlier versions of CentOS and Redhat have been attributed to this error (and similar errors) as well.

2 thoughts on “Incorrect Disk Usage and Unlimited Quotas – cPanel”

  1. /scripts/fixquotas is great, but I recommend running it during an offpeak time, like the middle of the night if you are running a server with a lot of clients on it. It can be pretty resource intensive.

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