HowTo :: install a Perl Module

Perl modules
A Perl module is a self-contained piece of Perl code that can be used by a Perl program or by other Perl modules. It is conceptually similar to a C link library, or a C++ class.

To manually install a Perl module:

  1. Download the Perl module from CPAN or other site.
  2. Extract the tarball, and then run the following commands (in that order):
  • perl Makefile.PL
  • make
  • make test
  • make install

From the WHM
Login to the: WHM >> Main >> Software >> Install a Perl Module

Enter the name of the Perl Module you wish to install in the field and click the button Search. Perl Module will be presented to you in a list. Find and can click on the module you wish to install.

The command Line

  1. SSH to the server and login as root.
  2. Type the following command at the prompt:
    • /scripts/realperlinstaller –force HTML ::Template

In this case, the module we want to install is HTML::Template.

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